Do we accept $4 scripts just like the larger drug stores?

Yes. We will honor the $4 scripts just like the larger chain drug stores. We actually lose money by dispensing $4 scripts, but we would rather you fill all of your prescriptions with us so we can effectively monitor your medications and prevent dangerous drug interactions.

The large chain drug stores also lose money on $4 scripts. They, however, are hoping that once customers are in their store, they will buy other merchandise that will make up for the loss at their pharmacy.

Do we accept all insurances?

Yes! Trail Creek Pharmacy accepts most all insurances including CVS Caremark, Tricare and Express Scripts.

If my insurance card has the name of a pharmacy on it, am I obligated to use that pharmacy or can I go anywhere?

You may go to any pharmacy you choose, including local community pharmacies. Due to intense competition among the large chain drug stores, many have unfortunately used unethical marketing practices to misguide people and get them into their stores. One of the tactics include printing the name of a pharmacy directly on patient’s insurance cards. This confuses many individuals into assuming they are obligated to go a certain pharmacy.

In addition, if the patient goes to another pharmacy other than what is indicated on their insurance card, the national chain drug stores will send the customer a solicitation letter in the mail trying to steer them back into their pharmacy.

It is unfortunate, but in today’s world of intense competition among national chain pharmacies, these instances are becoming more common.

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How can customers refill their prescriptions?

There are several ways customers can refill their prescriptions. Customers can email us, make arrangements on our website, call us at 817-684-9464 or simply stop by and visit us at the store!

Can I get my 90 day supply of medications from Trail Creek Pharmacy?

As of January 1, 2013, our pharmacy is “in-network” with many insurance companies, so we can fill your 90 day supply of medications.

In some cases your cost with us may even be less than what you were previously paying. This, of course, is dependent on the type of insurance you have. Please speak to a pharmacy staff member from more details.

Will my co-pay be the same at an independent pharmacy?

Your co-pay remains the same regardless of which pharmacy you go to. Your co-pay is determined by your insurance company and not by the pharmacy.

How can customers transfer their prescriptions to us?

Basically, all you have to do is provide us with your date of birth, the current pharmacy you use, and the names of the medications you want transferred.

Then, we take care of transferring it and update you when its done!

Does Trail Creek Pharmacy offer free home delivery?

Yes. We offer FREE HOME DELIVERY to residents at designated Senior Living Communities (assisted living, independent living, nursing homes, etc.) in the vicinity.

We also have arrangements with a courier service that delivers medications to individual’s homes (outside of senior living communities). We do not charge for this either, however the courier service may have their own fees.

Does Trail Creek Pharmacyoffer better pricing for individuals paying with cash (non-insured customers)?

Most large chain drug stores have already set the price for medications in their computer system and it cannot be changed by their employees. At Trail Creek Pharmacy, however, we are family owned and operated; thus, we have the flexibility to offer lower prices and PRICE MATCH for non-insured individuals.

Does Trail Creek Pharmacy carry the same inventory of medications as the large chain pharmacies?

Trail Creek Pharmacy maintains a large inventory of medications for their patients. There may be a time when any pharmacy, large or small, runs out of a certain medication; however we have systems in place that will have it delivered to us by the next day.

Can medications lose their strength if they are exposed to high temperatures?

Yes. This is a growing concern, especially in Texas, where temperatures in late spring and summer can reach over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Medications should be kept in an environment that is between 68-72 degrees, and when medications are shipped by mail order pharmacies, the temperatures in delivery trucks and mailboxes can reach over 120 degree Fahrenheit. This results in the medications losing its strength by the time it reaches you. This is the reason we have our medications delivered to us daily in temperature-controlled vehicles.

Many individuals are changing from mail order to a local pharmacy. For more information on this growing problem, visit:

Why does it take 1-3 hours to have my medication filled at large chain drug stores, and only minutes at independent pharmacies?

Most large chain drug stores want the customer to walk around the store and buy merchandise as they wait to get their prescription filled. Many times, this defeats the purpose of getting $4 medications from these stores because the customer ends up spending more money on other items. The prescription fill time at Trail Creek Pharmacy is under 10 minutes.